Game 4 drawn, match finishes tied 2-2

X3D Fritz tempted Garry Kasparov to enter a variation that had worked for him before. Kasparov declined the machine's ploy and played through sharp complications to reach safe harbor and a draw with the black pieces. After 27 moves there was total equality and simplifications and the draw was agreed.  [ more ]

Game 4 analysis
A combination of deep preparation, a good memory, and accurate play allowed Garry Kasparov to confidently draw game four with black. The X3D Fritz team tried to lure Kasparov into a deadly sharp line he had played several years ago but he wouldn't take the bait. [ more ]

Kasparov wins game 3 to tie the match
"Machines still have much to learn from us!" Garry Kasparov was in a must-win situation and scored a dominating victory. X3D Fritz was confused in a closed position and the world #1 squeezed it convincingly. The match is now tied 1.5-1.5 with the final game coming Tuesday.  [ more ]

Miss nyc goes x3d
Miss New York City 2003, Katie Horn, made the first move of game three on Sunday, November 16.

She stopped by the X3D offices in her tiara to see the amazing X3D Fritz interface and get a few chess tips.  
[ more ]

schedule & results
Final match score
Kasparov 2 - 2 X3D Fritz


Game 1: Nov. 11
Kasparov 1/2 - 1/2 X3D Fritz

Game 2: Nov. 13
X3D Fritz 1 - 0 Kasparov

Game 3: Nov. 16
Kasparov 1 - 0 X3D Fritz

Game 4: Nov. 18
X3D Fritz 1/2 - 1/2 Kasparov

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