Garry Kasparov

Age: 40
Birthplace: Baku, Azerbaijan
Home: Moscow, Russia
Rating: 2830

Became youngest world champion ever at 22 years of age in 1985. The fastest calculator and tactician in the game.

The world's #1 ranked chess player since 1985. Generally considered the greatest player in the history of chess. Winner of 10 consecutive super-tournaments 1999-2002.

X3D Fritz

Age: 12
Birthplace: New York, Hamburg, Germany
Homes: New York, Hamburg
Rating: 2807 (est.)

Computer world champion in 1995 after beating Deep Blue. Running on an Intel Xeon server with four 2.8 GHz processors.

Synonymous with computer chess. Previous version drew a match with the human world #2 in 2002. New X3D Fritz is faster, smarter, and a whole lot better looking.


A chess match of four games between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz for the title of Man-Machine World Champion. The games will take place in X3D virtual reality with the board floating in the air in front of Kasparov. His moves will be received by X3D Fritz via voice recognition and will appear instantly on the display screens.

Time control: In each game the players each have two hours to make 40 moves. After move 40 each player receives one more hour for the next 20 moves. After move 60 each player gets another 15 minutes plus a three second increment per move to complete all the remaining moves of the game.

Scoring: Wins are one point, draws a half point, losses zero. The first player to reach 2.5 points is the winner of the match. (The fourth game will be played even if one of the players reaches 2.5 points beforehand.)

The draw: Garry Kasparov will have white in games one and three.

Prize: Winner receives a beautiful golden trophy and the title of Man-Machine World Champion. Kasparov will receive $150,000 for the match, plus a $25,000 prize if he draws or a $50,000 prize if he wins the match.


Game 1: Tue. Nov. 11, 1pm EST.
Game 2: Thu. Nov. 13, 1pm EST.
Game 3: Sun. Nov. 16, 1pm EST.
Game 4: Tue. Nov. 18, 1pm EST.
(Games usually last between three and six hours)


The New York City Athletic Club. [ Map ] 180 Central Park South, New York City, USA.

Watch live online with entertaining move-by-move commentary for all levels at www.X3D.com.

Watch every game live on the ESPN2 cable sports network with our elite commentary team.


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