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Press Reports
• Times of India: "Garry-Fritz fight ends in draw" (Nov. 20)
• ABS-CBN News: Kasparov-Fritz wind up tied (Nov. 19)
• New Scientist: "Man versus machine match drawn" (Nov. 19)
• CNN (AP): "Kasparov, 3D rival end chess series in tie" (Nov. 19)
• Reuters: Kasparov and computer tie (Nov. 18)
• Slate Magazine on the ESPN television coverage (Nov. 17)
• CNN: "Man, machine fight to be king" (Nov. 17)
• Al-Jazeera: "Kasparov beats computer" (Nov. 17)
• USA Today: "Kasparov beats computer in VR match" (Nov. 16)
• Seattle PI: "Kasparov tops computer to tie match" (Nov. 16)
• SF Chronicle: "Kasparov loses second game" (Nov. 13)
• Reuters: "Kasparov Blunder gives X3D Fritz win" (Nov. 13)
• New Scientist: "X3D Fritz pounces on Kasparov blunder" (Nov. 13)
• CNN: "Machine tops Kasparov in second 3D game" (Nov. 13)
• New Scientist: "Kasparov 'forced' to draw with X3D Fritz" (Nov. 12)
• USA Today: "Kasparov, computer tie in chess match" (Nov. 12)
• ZDNet: "Kasparov-X3D Fritz draw first game" (Nov. 12)
• BBC News: "Kasparov fights computer to draw" (Nov. 12)
• Reuters: "Kasparov draws against computer" (Nov. 12)
• CNN: "Kasparov takes virtual draw in 3D chess" (Nov. 11)
• Wired News: "Rage Against the (Chess) Machine" (Nov. 10)
• AustralianIT: "First Virtual Chess Match" (Nov. 10)
• ChessBase: History of great man-machine matches (Nov. 9)
• New York Post: "Virtual Set Has Become a Reality" (Nov. 9)
• USA Today (AP) on match opening ceremony (Nov. 7)
• MSNBC (Reuters) on match opening ceremony (Nov. 7)
• United States Chess Federation: 1st World Chess Championship in Virtual Reality (Nov. 5)
• NY Sports Commissioner announces match (press release) (Sep. 4)
Official X3D press release announcing match (Aug. 12)
Newsweek announces match, interview with Kasparov (Jul. 21)
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