in-depth analysis of game four
Nov 19, 2003 – A combination of deep preparation, a good memory, and accurate play allowed Garry Kasparov to confidently draw game four with black. The X3D Fritz team tried to lure Kasparov into a deadly sharp line he had played several years ago but he wouldn't take the bait.

game four drawn, match finishes 2-2
Nov 18, 2003 – X3D Fritz tempted Garry Kasparov to enter a variation that had worked for him before. Kasparov declined the machine's ploy and played through sharp complications to reach safe harbor and a draw with the black pieces. After 27 moves there was total equality and simplifications and the draw was agreed.

in-depth analysis of game three
Nov 17, 2003 – There isn't a whole lot to say about the way the game progressed. X3D Fritz never found a plan and Kasparov did whatever he wanted on the queenside. The story, then, is why X3D Fritz was unable to find a plan and what Kasparov did to keep the mighty machine in the dark.

Kasparov wins game three to tie the match
Nov 16, 2003 – Garry Kasparov was in a must-win situation and he pulled it off with a dominating victory. X3D Fritz was confused in a closed position and the world number one squeezed it convincingly. The match is now tied 1.5-1.5 with the final game coming Tuesday.

in-depth analysis of game two
Nov. 15, 2003 – A complicated battle that saw X3D Fritz play surprisingly competent strategic chess out of the opening. Just when it looked like Garry Kasparov had started to come out on top his time pressure led to a fatal blunder that X3D Fritz punished immediately.

X3D Fritz wins game two after shocking kasparov error
Nov. 13, 2003 – After equalizing in a tough battle with black, Kasparov made a fatal blunder and X3D Fritz pounced immediately and forced resignation on move 39. X3D Fritz leads the match 1.5-0.5 with two games to play.

Man and machine battle to a draw in game 1
Nov. 11, 2003 – Those expecting caution from either side were very wrong. Kasparov and X3D Fritz came out swinging in the first game of the match. The drawn result was a disappointment for Kasparov and a big boost for Team Fritz.

in-depth analysis of game one
Nov. 11, 2003 – Garry Kasparov came and he saw, but in the end he could not conquer. The machine defended precisely and then battled back at the first opportunity. X3D Fritz gained enough play to force a draw, an offer that Kasparov could not refuse.

predictions from experts and fans
Nov. 10, 2003
– Grandmaster and amateurs alike agree, Kasparov is the favorite. But it's far from unanimous and even our commentary panel is split. See how the pros and fans cast their votes and why.

Opening ceremony Q&A with Kasparov
Nov. 8, 2003
– After the opening ceremony at the ESPNZone, Garry Kasparov took questions from reporters. His answers cover what he has learned from past matches and the nature of X3D Fritz and its home field advantage in virtual reality.

Opening ceremony
Nov. 7, 2003
– The match was officially opened in New York City's Times Square. ESPN2, which will show over 17 hours of the match live, hosted the opening ceremony at the ESPNZone on Broadway. Kasparov expressed optimism and spoke at length about this new challenges presented by X3D Fritz.

x3d-china summit
Nov. 3, 2003
– On October 21, at the Chinese Consulate in New York City, a joint project between X3D and the China Daily News was unveiled. The event focused on the launch of a website that provides an X3D tour of China, but there was a chess flavor in the air as well.

Interview with chessbase founder frederic friedel
Oct. 29, 2003
– What does the publisher of the Fritz program have to say about the big match? Will the computer have a home-field advantage in the 3D virtual world? What is the significance of man vs machine? And of course, who will win?!

he shoots, he checkmates!
Oct. 19, 2003
– New York Rangers hockey star Anson Carter is trading pucks for pawns, at least for a day. He will be making the first move of game two, on Thursday, Nov. 13 at 1:00pm.

Miss New York City goes X3D
Sep.28, 2003 – Miss New York City 2003, Katie Horn, will make the first move of game three on Sunday, November 16. She stopped by the X3D offices in her tiara to see the amazing X3D Fritz interface and get a few chess tips.

NY Sports Commissioner announces match
Sep.6, 2003 – The New York City Sports Commissioner Kenneth J. Podziba has announced that New York City will host a world-class chess championship between the world’s #1 ranked chess player, Garry Kasparov, and computer chess champion, X3D Fritz.

ESPN2 will cover every game live
Aug.25, 2003 – The Kasparov-X3D Fritz match will be played in virtual reality and now it will also be played on live television on the world's largest cable sports network. This time ESPN2 plans to show a remarkable 17.5 hours of chess during the week of the match!
schedule & results
Final match score
Kasparov 2 - 2 X3D Fritz


Game 1: Nov. 11
Kasparov 1/2 - 1/2 X3D Fritz

Game 2: Nov. 13
X3D Fritz 1 - 0 Kasparov

Game 3: Nov. 16
Kasparov 1 - 0 X3D Fritz

Game 4: Nov. 16
X3D Fritz 1/2 - 1/2 Kasparov

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