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Media contact for X3D and
press accreditation at the match

Belinda Banks, SSPR
Tel.: (+1) 718.320.4898
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Web: [ ]

Media contact for ChessBase and X3D Fritz team

Tel.: (+49) 40.6390.600
Fax: (+49) 40.6301.282
E-mail: [ ]
Web: [ ]

Press releases

Miss New York City will make first move of game three
New York City Sports Commisioner accounces match
ESPN2 announces full live coverage of Kasparov-X3D Fritz
X3D announces Man-Machine World Chess Championship

Background information

[ A brief history of chess, the Royal Game ]
[ A history of chess and computers ]
[ Information on Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz ]
[ An interview with the world's #2 player after his 2002 match with Fritz ]

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[ X3D Technologies Corporation Backgrounder ]


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Grandmaster predictions and fan poll results
Kasparov in the Wall Street Journal on his last computer match
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