Why do Men Wear Cologne to Work?

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Many people are working in the offices and every office has different rules about the fragrance and other rules which can or can`t affect the business of the company. Putting on a cologne for men is also matters according to the country. What do I mean by that? I mean that some countries are dirty and are very sunny which can turn the body of the men very sweaty and eventually smelly.

Now, when a man goes to the office, he doesn`t want to be the source of awkwardness or doesn`t want to show people that, he is not brought up nicely or he doesn`t know the right ethics of office or so. Putting on cologne is very important these days if the cologne is not very hard to smell by you and your fellow colleagues and boss.

Overdoing your cologne is bad either, just put or spread a little bit of it on your wrist, underarms and then walk around so that the smell will spread around your body evenly.

In the USA it is not common for people to wear cologne to work at least not to big multinational companies but, it is apparent in some works over there like if you are in department store or some chemist shop or some factory where the smell is so intense that you can’t able to stand there without the cologne, then there is no alternative which is not harmful to have than cologne.

Men is a selfish or concerned gender and like most job holders they want to show that along with their work their appearance should be appropriate too. They are not doing something out of the ordinary, they are doing what is going to extend their appearance or just want to show people that, they are also part of the human having ethics and being cool.

Let`s see some countries where cologne is applied to water in the washroom. Asian countries like India, Pakistan and other similar countries have codes that, if you are not good apparently in marriages then you are nothing but a poor and a person which should not get attention. That version of code went into offices for some odd reason and then the same thing has applied to offices including being clean and attractive. For this reason, the men in those countries went to apply the cologne, so much so that they overdid it without thinking much about their own self.

If you ask me then applying cologne is not bad, it does show your smartness and how ethical you are and clean but, overdoing it or thinking that without it you are nothing is totally exaggerating and you are not doing any favor to yourself.

Just remember that before applying cologne, check the codes of the company where you work and the real advantage you are going to get if you do apply the cologne. Is it that you are doing it being feeling belittle about you or you are doing it because you think it will give a good appearance of you? Choose accordingly and the outcome will be better than you expected